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Should i be direct the next time instead?


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Ok, I have a problem here.

I just finished a project with 2 girls and in the process fallen for one of them.


But i just don't know how she feels about me. I didn't really observe for the signals mentioned in this website.


The only thing i know is that she is comfortable talking to me and laughs at my jokes and she is willing to reveal secrets she is suppose to

There was also once when she was trying to tell me wat type of songs she likes then ended up saying she likes me and laugh about it (does it mean anything?)


However here comes the confusion

Although i believe she treats me differently from other guys, i felt that she is treating me just the ways she treats her our girl friends. (Does it means she only wants me as a friend?)


Then there is also a prob with myself, that i did not attempt to treat her differently frm others(i guess i chatted more with other girls then her) and sometimes even snubbed her or shun away from her eye contacts. (Will this misunderstandingly tell her i am not interested in her and cause her to give up on me if she likes me?)


Then she is a very outgoing person and always have a ring of girl friends around her who she always hang out with. I have tried to indirectly ask her out on several occasions but was similarly indirectly rejected. Should i be direct the next time instead?


So what should my next steps be?

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It could be that she's really comfortable with you, and see's you like a best guyriend. Some girls like guyfriends who are of the opposite sex, like gay men, there's just a different bond than what they get from their girlfriends.


If she's telling you stuff like songs that she likes and secrets, then it sounds like she has a little crush on you.


I must agree with you, be bold about asking her out. Not to lunch or anything, b/c friends of the opposite sex can go out to lunch without being attracted to each other.


Try something like asking her out to a romantic dinner. That's a big hint. Ask her if she wants to have dinner at some fancy restaurant, and then catch a movie, or hang out at the beach or something.


She will really get the hint. Depending on her answer, you'll find out sooner or later, if she does feel for you or not.


Good Luck!

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