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is it wrong to wanna be able to pause time, but be able to do stuff still... so that i can catch up? ya know? I feel like my life is a runaway horse... and if i could just slow it down a little... maybe i could regain control or something. There's just so much going on right now and i have so much to do and think about. I wish i knew how to handel it all. any suggestions?

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hey there GAbabe15!


hahaha i know exacally how you feel! its always time is either too slow or too fast. i dont think its ever gone normal......but its just the way we see it, and depends on what we're doing. It sounds like your a little tied down at the moment. dont worry.


well bad news.......you cant pause time....or not that i've heard of. good news is that you dont need to! i cant believe im actually gonna say this but perhaps prioritizing is the best thing right now. if it helps make a list. i, myself have problems prioritizing coz it usually means putting the things i love close the last. ok, put the most important things to be done first. then work on those. just those! dont try and handle everything at once, because you'll just tire yourself out, and its not worth it.


you even find some things arnt even that important but just add to the list, to make our lives more overpowering than they are. just RELAX. after all its your life, so dont take everything too seriously. look at things this way. the world will not end, and you wont die if this thing or that thing isnt finished at this moment. take it slow. there is no rush.


because i suffer from stress, i saw a doctor for a while, to help me see things better. its funny because you think its the "things" that are the problem, but actually its the way you look at them that is. try and keep positive about it all. its all about perception. just keep telling yourself "ok, im gonna do just this today, and finish it! then im going to relax and if i have time, work on something else. no rush, i will just do my best!"


good luck to you GAbabe15, and if you figure out away to pause time, give us a buzz yeah!



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Have you ever studied Einstein's Theory of General Relativity? He proved that if you can travel at a speed near the speed of light, to a far distant place, then turn around and come back at near the speed of light, that you would come back to Earth and everything would have aged except you (and your exceptionally cool space ship).


I'm just trying to add a little humor into your life. Seems to me a little laughing seems to make things a little easier to bear when they get difficult. But seriously, look up Relativity. Its really fascinating.


Best Wishes,


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