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Help my friend with her problem.


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You could have posted the contents of the link here, it's only a few sentences, and I had to magnify the print to see it. Maybe that's just me.


The question is are there online rental books available because she does a lot of reading? There are 1000's of downloadable "e-books". You need special software as well. You can also purchase e-books to download.


Here's one link removed

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Have to chuckle@ library.


Yes, Jettison that is the only place i know of. The library. Or fleamarkets and yardsales.


I am a reading fiend and i buy very few books. Yardsales, thrift shops, swap with friends who read, library...lots of options. Where there is a will there is a way.


I do treat myself to a new hardback book about once a month or every other month tho. I really like reading hardbacks vs paperback. Just easier to grasp (as in hold. LOL My booklight doesn't attach well to paperbacks)

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I have heard rumors of such a place. Might be fact, might just be a legend.


It is called a "Library"


Ok, I hear ya. But if we did make up some new, fantastic "book rental business" and called it "Library" (have to admit it, that's pretty catchy), then we'd have to come up with some catchy name to call the people that rent the books. And of course, we'd have to come up with a plan to organize the books since there are more books then videos.


I have a crazy idea though. In order to earn some investment capital, maybe we could name the book rental place after someone. Kind of like they do with "Monster Park" for the football team. This thing has potential, seriously.

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