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I like him a LOT...What comes next??


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Well, there is this guy that I really like. He doesn't go to my school but I talk to him at school dances, and have been doing so for the past year. I have always kinda liked him but this dance I started to approach him. I wasn't sure if he liked me or not but I decided to be bold and do what I needed to do. We were dancing and stuff and we got pretty close. The next song, he set up one of his friends with my best friend and asked me to dance again. He is one of the first guys that I have ever felt really comfortable about getting close to... it just feels natural. But with all the other guys I've liked it's just been awkward, this guy... I'm so happy around him. Anyways, it's kinda cool and he's really sweet and everything. The only problem is he doesn't go to my school... well that's not really the problem because the school he goes to is like 2 blocks away from mine. But I don't know his last name or anything and I don't really have any way to find him. But I do know that there is a dance at his school next week. I'm just wondering what I should say to him?? Thanks a million! ~Skittles~

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you say you feel really comfortable around him, then i dont feel we have to provide you with the words, it should just come naturally and that will be evn more rewarding that you have done it for yourself.

it seems you approaching him last time also had a good effect so if i was you i would just have a laugh enjoy yourself and dance with him again.


dont worry about it too much, and the next time, well next week, if you havent got his number and details get them down.

you do alright. and about the school being different etc. youll overcome it. i find myself dating men from different areas, being hours away and it seems to work out alright.

so good luck and enjoy yourself.


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