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Hey i dont know if i have bi polar maybe not but like one week ill be really happy and outgoing and into it... and i always think in the bac kof my head that next week or soon ur gonna feel the other side the * * * * ty side.. and it hapens the next week i am feeling down for like 2-3 weeks and then i feel great all of a sudden. I feel good after i go to a social setting like a party and everythign goes well, and then the next week when i dont hang out with people i feel alone and like a loser... i can never go like a month or more feeling fantastic what do you guys think?

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but like one week ill be really happy and outgoing and into it... and i always think in the bac kof my head that next week or soon ur gonna feel the other side the * * * * ty side.. and it hapens


I'm thinking - Self fullfilling prophecy.

You spoke/thought it into being.

But honestly I think everyone has awesome days or week & than crappy day or week. I don't think anyone goes an entire month feeling fantastic every day.

But you make the most of it, choose to be positive & see good in every day. Careful of your thoughts though, cause ultimitly it controls your character ( the saying is on this link, it's pretty neat.link removed and I think carries truth)

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I'm diagnosed bi-polar. I don't think you are bi-polar, the 'pendulum' between mania and depression does not happen from one week to the other. I usually go a few months manic and several months in depression. The cycle does not happen that quickly. I think you are probably feeling the normal ups and downs of regular life.


When you are feeling 'up' do you also feel increased urges to be promiscuos, gamble or spend a lot of money. Do you feel overly generous and have trouble sleeping to the point where you won't sleep for days? do you lose a large amount of weight in a small amount of time? do you experience increase drugs/alcolhol use?


When you are feeling 'down' do you often not even bother getting out of bed? Do you avoid social situations, do you no longer take pleasure in hobbies you previously enjoyed? Do you sleep endlessly or feel tired all the time no matter what amount of sleep you get?


This is how I feel in the two situations. It is really extreme in that it affects my life a lot, does it interfere with your daily routines?


I think it's pretty normal to feel ups and downs throughout the month, that is how I usually feel now that I have my bi-polar disorder under control with cognitive therapy. Everyone has good days and bad, that's not bi-polar. You could have the worst day of your life during a manic episode and not care at all and vice versa, win the lottery when you're depressed and not bother getting out of bed.

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Do you stay up all night long for weeks, only passing out at daybreak for an hour or two? Do you start doing something and get involved so deeply you can not even notice 8 hours has passed? Do you feel super creative and start writing strange stories? Do you feel paranoid and wonder if people are talking about you behind your back?


I honestly can't tell you if you are bipolar or not. Only a very good doctor is able to properly diagnose a mental disorder. I do have a son who has this disorder in the worst possible way. He was committed to a mental hospital for more than one week and was still manic for weeks after he came home. And then I have a brother and a sister who are probably both bipolar 2's. They have never been committed but should have been.



Here is a link with good information.





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Depression as a term is easy to describe, however defining the type of depression is very difficult. We are all different and how do you quantify an emotion. I know how I feel and trust me i struggle with it, but I know that there are people suffering far worse than me. Does that mean I dont have a particular type of depression or less server type? You can have Asthma and just need a puffer occasionally, does that mean you dont have real asthma compared to the person on a nebuliser every day? Its just a less severe case. I think Bi-Polar is the same. It can also be more dramatic changes over a shorter period of time. But depression and what i read about bi-polar is just like reading the information leaflet in the anti-depressent box... "purpose is to treat depression.... but possible side effects might be an increase in suicidal thoughts." Some specialists are very strict in the criteria and others include slightly different criteria.


I would imagine that Billbobs case isnt bi-polar as the 'manic' episode is good rather than manic, associated with genuinly good times with friends and is short lived with longer periods of depression between 'episodes.' However billbob dont feel that your depression isnt being taken seriously and that the bi-polar club is some exclusive members only area. All depression is bad for the person and we're all a bunch of misrable people and should stick together

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Honestly, I think it's all in peoples' heads. Except for ONE girl, I've met no one that was actually "bipolar". I mean you can't hardly talk to this * * * * * . You don't know if her reply will be replied as if in a good or bad mood since she switches so frequently and fast you don't even notice. It's scary! Kind of like talking to two different people. lol


But other than that, I don't think that anyone is really bipolar. I think that people have some good times and some bad. You sound kind of like me, but I just realized that it has to do with what's going on in my life at the time of my ups and downs.


I hope that made some sort of sense...!



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