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please evaluate my situation

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I met my boyfriend 4 months ago. it was literally love at first sight, and the relationship was very intense. after about a month I told him that I was in love with him, and he said that he was in love with me. his actions and emotions did not lead me to believe that he was being dishonest. about that time we moved in with each other.


I thought the relationship was fine, the intimacy and sex were all there, but I guess he felt that we were having problems because we really did not talk about anything susbstantial that he was interested in. he likes to talk about politics and social issues and religion, and every time we talked about those things, we would get into a big fight. so I said I would not engage in conversation in those topics anymore. I'm also pretty laidback and dont really get into a lot of serious conversation, and I guess that bugged him.


anyways, towards the end of the relationship, we started to get into really silly arguments, and he would get mad and leave for a couple days. I would apologize, and he would come back. the final break (up) he said that he wasnt sure that we could make this relationship work because we are opposites and dont have anything in common. he also said that he wanted to see me on a "dating" basis, and that he wanted to see other people. I was devastated by this. I told him that if he needed time to think, that would be fine - he could have as much time as he wanted - but I would not accept him seeing other people while he was still with me. he said fine, and we separated for the final time.


a few days later, I sent him an email telling him that I thanked him for the good times we had, and that I understood why (I really didnt) he decided to leave me, and that I missed him. he sent an email back with this line:


"Yes, for now it is better if we have some time apart. If things are

meant to be they will be. Thank you very much for all your efforts to

make us work - I do appreciate it a lot. "


I've been reading a lot of posts on this board, and I'm still confused. do you think that he will come back to me?? I'm still very much in love with him and I cry almost every day thinking of him. I really need an outside opinion on this, thanks.

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in my opinion, i doubt that he will be coming back. any thing is possible though. however, don't sit around waiting for him either. he's out dating other people, you should be too. i know you probably don't want to date any one because maybe you are too heart broken, but don't be sitting around thinking about him all day. go out & do stuff, keep your mind off him. its possible that after seeing other people , he will realize that he had what he was looking for with you & he wants you back, but don't wait for it to happen because you could end up waiting for nothing.

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part of being in love is accepting the faults of one another(in terms of opinion) and accepting that u are different appreciating those things.if u and him are really in love u would rationally talk about the things u disagree on rather than have arguments.


i have had an experience of love b4 and i always tried to difuse arguments b4 they happen.accept that his opinion is different to yours.talk about those opinions.this makes for engagin coversion.rather than arguing your point,ask why he thinks his.dnt get angry if u cant understand his logic.its part of being two different human beings.


anyway...if u love each other enough..u will get back together.he has to understand some things like u have a different opinion to him etc. give it time.maybe email him and tell him ur exact feelings.it may take a while but try.it seems to mean loads to u and i can totally understand yr heartache.hang in there...u havent lost him by a long shot.


take care.gd luck.

hope ive helped...


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