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what are u supposed to feel when u meet the right girl?


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How do u know when u have met the right girl or soulmate?


What are u suposed to feel or what's suposed to happen?


I'm love with this girl who is my best friend which i have only known her for 9 weeks but i feel that i hav known her for years. She means the everything 2 me but there are complications (see my previous post at: link removed ).


She has a bf and she happy, but im not! I feel that she is the part of me that has been missing within me 4 long time now.


Suggestions or help would be appricated.


- whitefang

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Greetings whitefang,


It`s a difficult question. You have to ask yourself can you remain her friend without making situation awkward? If you will continue to be quiet ,she will be asking herself what`s going on, etc. And she will be worrying, because she is your friend.


If you tell her how your feel, she might get upset, but at least she will know the truth. It`s really up to you and her. If you can maintain you friendship that`s good. If not when then it`s time to move on.


That`s one`s opinion as it is.


All the best,



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