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Define Long Distance


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i spent over 2 years being 'with' someone that was just over 5,000 miles away (me- london, her- ohio). Felt kinda like someone had ripped my legs off and i couldn't chase em cause... well, they have my legs =]


I moved about 70 miles from my current girlfriend (and i don't drive). There was no intention of me moving back (but i did). 70 miles is nothing. you can still go down to see her just for an evening if you really want to. Long distance is when you CAN'T see her, no matter how much you'd give to be able to.

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See, to me 150KM (about 90 miles) on the highway isn't a practical distance to go visit for an evening (like someone suggested). And when you factor in that I work a 60 hour week and so does he (and of course our schedules ALWAYS conflicted at the time).... it isn't feasible. So you end up seeing each other once a month.


Hey, what am I talking about - now he's half way accross the country at a whopping 2000 km distance (which ends today - if the weather doesn't hold my flight up).


Despite my personal distance, i think LDR is defined by the people in it based on living circumstances, work schedules etc.

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