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Is he interested, or not?

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Met a really great guy that says he is interested in me. Originally we talked 2-3 times a week, pretty deep stuff. Then he kind of disappeared. He says the problem is that he is a workaholic. He spends 14-16 hours a day at work for which he is only scheduled for 8. He is so shy that I seriously doubt that there is another woman, although that could be a possibility (I know). It seems to me, that if he were interested in me he would make spending a little time with me a priority, however I sometimes don't even hear from for over a month, no call or even email. Guys, help me out here, is this a lost cause? If you were interested in a girl would you let anything keep you from spending time with her?

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Well, Rehab, I think it depends on how much he's interested. Maybe he likes you a little but he knows that you like him, so he assures you that he likes you because he doesn't want to hurt your feelings. You said he is a shy guy, and shy guys tend to do stuff like that. But while he's kind of interested, he may not be so interested that he considers you as his highest priority. So he takes time from his schedule to be with you sometimes, but he does not change his schedule to accommodate regular relationship stuff. I think he's just not that serious about it. You might want to confront him about these matters, but don't attack him or accuse him. Just ask him what he thinks.


Remember: If you want a guy to be honest, you have to make him feel like he can without getting his head bit off.

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