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Question about Phoning Etiquette


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thanks, ugottabejokin ... i was feeling kind of awkward because my brother said it was stalkerish, too, but this guy practically told me where he lives and all the landmarks by his house.


i used to be his friend at work but then he moved away to another job site and i gave him my number before i left there. he called me once and said, "I've been wanting to call you for a long time" and then told me he broke up with his girl because he was trying to call me and his girl had dialed in on the line before the phone rang and he picked up and thought he was talking to me. But we hung up that time and I forgot to ask for his number. This was about 11 months ago but my bf was sitting right there at the time and it wasn't cool to talk. I had given him my cellphone number because we were on dial up internet at the time and the houseline was always busy.


Me and my bf broke up about 3 months ago and I found this guy's book when I was moving to my new place so I wanted to call him to return it.

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