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(need a girl's opinion) was she tryin to drop hints?

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hey y'all.. i was just curious about what y'all think about this, especially the girls.. this doesn't have to do with the girl i been posting about.. lol.. this was somethin that happened a few weeks ago in a class that just crossed my mind.. this cute girl who i never talked to before sat next to me.. and the way the seats were arranged, there are two chairs to each desk and all the desks came together to form a U-shape in the classroom.. i didn't notice her walkin in till she sat down next to me and i was sayin to myself, "damn, this girl's pretty hot".. i was tryin to stare at her from the corner of my eye, but i didn't wanna make it obvious.. 10 minutes later as the teacher was lecturing, she had her legs crossed, and then she had them and eventually her whole body turned towards me to the point where her feet were almost touchin my legs.. we were sittin real close to each other and it was like this for a while off and on for most of the class while she was lookin at the teacher talkin.. i wanted to move my leg in closer so i can touch hers, but i was like "i don't even know if she's doin this on purpose, so let me not embarrass myself just in case she's not".. when class ended, i tried to have eye contact with her, but she didn't look at me.. i walked outside behind her thinkin about askin her out.. but i chickened out, i just watched her get into her car, then go on her cell phone.. do y'all think she was doin this on purpose or not really cause i've never seen a girl do somethin like that b4?

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i think your thinking to much in depth, she sat next to you, and crossed her legs towards you, TRUE i have read if a girl is interested (on this site) she will cross her legs in your direction, but it's hard to say..instead of asking her out, i would first get her name....makes sense to do things in order, how would it make you feel if this girl just came up to you and said "hey want to go out with me" and you didn't even know each others name...see what i mean, Follows the signals, if she gives anymore, Or you think she might be, take action..don't CHICKEN out just say something like


YOU: "omg this class is so boring, you find any of this interesting?"


that is asking a question, and now you have made it an obligation for her to respond, i.e. starting a conversation i do it all the time..ask simple complex questions, just to START a conversation, after she says whatever, (you should laugh and say)


YOU: "oh i totally agree"


and use eye contact, and make it seem your interested in what she is saying, just don't get in trouble with the teacher.

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Maybe, she just has long legs. I agree with the previous post. Perhaps, you are overanalyzing the situation.


If you really like her, then break it to her. Even if you are shy, try to at least conversate with her a little. Otherwise, you'll drive yourself nuts all semester long if you don't do anything about it.

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