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Please Help! I like this guy very much

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I need some advice and fast. I like this guy, hes one of my brothers friends. Im pretty sure that he likes me too. I mean the signs are all there. Hes open with me, always watching me in little ways. But he seems to act like he doenst like me when hes around my brother for some reason . Hes a very shy guy towards gurls he likes...is he maybe just scared to show my bro that he likes me, i dont know...i need help fast! i want to ask him out but im just as shy, but i dont want to get rejected either so i want some definite signs that he does like me than i will feel more confident. Any Advice.....


Scared and Confused


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Unfortuantelly guys are not as clear cut as girls are when it comes to "who likes who."


If he pays attention to you at all he probably likes you. Has he tried being nice to you in any way? Does he give you complements? Does he offer to do things for you?


Just do something really obvious to show that you like him.

All you have to do is be receptive to his advances.

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some guys don't like showing their romantic side around other guys. so, that could be his problem. i think you should try flirting with him when your brother isn't around. see what he does. if he flirts back, then thats a good sign, if he doesn't then it might mean he's not interested.


If a guy likes you he will let you get close to him. Try hugging him or something....

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