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Don't know what to think...

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I'm confused and really need some help. My thoughts are not clear right now.


About two months ago, I started going out with this girl, I guess it was more on the friendship level only, as I have never made a move on her and she acts as if she didn't want me to. Anyway, we have been going out for four times since September (as our schedule wouldn't allow us to go out more often, but we see each other at around 40hrs/week.) During the course of us going out, I was having this feeling towards her and I basically ignored it as I thought she wanted to be just friends. But, everytime I try to meet other girls(she knows that I trying to be more than friends with them), she gets jealous and she even went to the point that she refused to talk to me for three days. So I had stopped seeing and trying to meet other women and just focused my attention to her. This past week, we had gone out (again) twice, the first time I we had gone out (this week), I thought that there was something more had happened during that evening and sparks were flying. Again, I tried making moves on her, she wasn't responding but she didn't show any signs of being offended. Although I never made any actual moves, realizing and thinking that we're just friends hanging out together, I didn't want her to be offended at me. The last time we went out, I tried making moves on her, realizing about the possible mistakes that I had made, and making it happen for real. I tried my first move (getting close by her side as we were walking and try to put my arms around her shoulder), she litterally walked away from me and said "Are you trying to run me over?" A few minutes later, I tried doing the same thing, she again moved away, but had never said anything. The day ended with me being frustrated and just looked that I never enjoyed the whole evening. Do you think that I should take the chance and ask her if she thinks our friendship has a possibility of evolving into something more? What do you think should I do? Does she likes me or not?

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I think you need to talk with her as hard as it may seem if she isnt interested at least you will know and know how much energy to put into the relationship. Also you will know if you should be looking for a relationship elsewhere. If she is interested but wants to go real slow then you can make a call then.

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Hey its about time you started making some serious moves, putting your arm on her shoulder thats your big move after all this time? c'mon, this gal is so used to not getting any response from you that when you do this she doesnt take it serious.


Dont ask her if you can be a man around her, be one!


Tell her you like her, hold her hand, look into her eyes, tell her how ya feel. if she freaks and walks away, dont panic. let it sink in. its what she wanted she is just surprised you finally woke up.

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