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.....really really need help with a girl....

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there is this girl...pretty much the same girl i ALWAYS post about. anywayz, i want to know how she really feels about me. here are the circumstances


1. good thing: she went to homecoming with me instead of her b/f (her ex b/f now)

bad thing: she ALWAYS talks about him, and mentions him when we talk ( bad things about him though)



2.good thing: everytime we dont talk for a while ...not seeing each other or what not...she calls me, or email

bad thing: she MAY only be doing it to be friendly...ya know



3.Good thing: we talk for hours on the phone about NOTHING (it feels good though)....she laughs at every thing i say, she even does most of the talking

Bad thing: maybe im just a good listener and thats why she talks to me so much



4. Good thing: she calls me "Baby boi" everytime she writes me a note or an email...but NOT on the phone..why?

bad: she calls a lot of guys babe and stuff like that




i know this seems a little weird but i really like her...judging from this post what do you guys think?

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let me tell you something... Good:

I like this guy a loooooootttt!! and i do exaclty almost all the "good" things that your friends does.

I like to talk to him on the phon for hours even if sometimes we run out of topics.

and I love calling him baby, or cutie piie, but i dont say it on the phone because i'm afraid he may say something like "dont say that"...

So, if i was you, the only step you're missing is if she looks at you frequently... does she?

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well i think your in good shape, over looking everything you said she does, you don't find many like her, and i think you have a special person in front of you. Now asking her out as B/f-G/f might be a good idea, but remember getting into a relationship to fast Can kill everything, jumping into uncharted waters i like to call it, you have to first work your way around....those depths and stick to the shallow less choppy waters Trying to let her know you are going to ask her out, than be observant.


characteristically that all meaningful statements are either analytic or conclusively verifiable or at least confirmable by observation and experiment and that metaphysical theories are thereforeeee strictly meaningless -- called also "logical empiricism", you can master this art by "communication" which you have already successfully completed, next task..taking it a bit further, Hinting* like i mentioned to you above* that you are thinking, Of in fact asking her to be your girlfriend. Than seeing how she re-acts so your not in total shock if she rejects you. a safe, More sure fire way of asking her out is say something like this.


YOU: "Hey her name here ____ iv 'e been wanted to take you out sometime, more than just a casual hangout, maybe dinner somewhere just the 2 of us"


NOTE: you have not set a date, SO she CAN NOT SAY "oh well i have plans that day/time" BUT you have made it clear you want to take her out, being more than " friends" cause you mentioned "just the 2 of us line" which if she does like you will ring positive notes in her mind all day, look for a smile.or blushing, but be serious when you say it so she doesn't get a different impression, also look into her eyes, maybe even embrace her softly in your arms, it makes it more meaningful, and direct that way. Well i hope i helped somewhat..good luck keep us posted!

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Yep, I agree with S4il. The Good's are definatley more dominant than the Bad's. Most of the Bad's can betaken either way, too, so don't even worry about it. You seem to be in a good position here. Sit her down, and talk to her about it.

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