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Any hope for a CP?


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I'd love to hear from success stories out there, from fellow CPs or people who are with CPs and have seen tremendous growth in them. I'm fearing I'm at my wit's end.


I've been aware that I'm a CP for many years now, though I'm not that old. I'm 28 years old, and discovered this in highschool/college years. I've been to therapy and am back in it again. I have the classic signs, longing to be in relationships when I'm not, and then freaking out about too much closeness when I am in one. I currently am in one with an amazing guy, and a classic victim of loving a CP. I so badly want this relationship to work, as I see so much potential. But I doubt myself in being able to make it work, because I am always so scared. I fear being day in and day out with this person, feeling like I need space to breathe. So much vulnerability and responsibility. I have had panic attacks when things have gotten too close, and recently "broke up" with this person. We've seen eachother a few times, and I find myself getting nervous before seeing him, because I'm just so scared of getting the panic attacks! It is seriously debilitating, and quite frankly, I don't want to imagine a life where I'm always in constant fear & jumping from relationship to relationship, or in a relationship with someone that I committed to, but miserable.


I'm really looking for a shred of hope here. Any out there?

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Its hard to me to visualize CP, because its so opposite of me, its so alien to me. as cuddling and closeness is something I long for.


These kinds of fears are deeply embedded in you, and believe you need to change therapist if the one your seeing now is not helping.


There is a branch of phychology called NLP, (Neural Linguistic Programming) it is very effective for phobias, although I am trying to learn it a little, im nowhere near being able to put it to practical use yet.


I have heard of people eliminating phobias almost instantly.


so I suggest finding a NLP practitioner in your area, unlike therepy, NLP is usually very fast. so its not like you will be visiting someone for the nxt few years. you want to get over this fast, you do have the power inside you to overcome these fears.


You owe it to yourself and your happiness to keep trying.




here is a link to some sources, I even see a listing of someone that does consultations by telephone. you should be able to find a link suitable for your location from :


link removed


link removed


good luck

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