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Ex-girlfriend textes me after 2 months of NC!


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The first time my ex texted me was on my birthday. That time the message was really cold, using "you and me".


But today, she wrote: "Thanks for the old (then using an asian word for someone who is older than you or if that person is your boyfriend) "my name". Good luck with everything new that happens next year! Happy new year!"


What should I do? I really miss her and feel like crying. Last time I cried because her text message was so cold-hearted. This time, she is using the term she would use while we were together. I don't know how to interpret this. I don't know what to do to make her miss me...


Please give me some advices.

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Don't give in... she's lonely. Good news is she's thinking about you, just play it cool, be collect about your decisons and let this text go. If she texts you again in a day or two then you can decide... just let this go for now brotha', I know you miss her.



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I wouldn't give in to this either. It is hard to ignore, but if you want to keep a level head on this situation you would really have to let the text go. It may be just her showing she still cares, but not in that way anymore. If she starts to make an attempt to get back together with you, then I might start looking into it. As it stands now, the ball is in her court on your relationship and whether or not you start something again. You can either play the waiting game, or move on.

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I have replied her now with "Thanks. The same Happy new year!"


I am wondering what her intention is by saying "thanks for the old" and then addressing me the same way as either if I was still her girlfriend or senior to her.


It could be interpreted as, "I'm totally over you, and I will show you my last respect by calling you that for the last time."


What do you think?

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