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Girls always seem to talk to me in the same tone!


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I posted a little while ago about tone of voice from a girl and asked if that was a sound of attraction. I Well I have been noticing that I get many girls from my school that talk to me in the same kind of high pitch, kind of ditzzy sort of, not normal tone. It's kind of hard to describe the tone. They usualy say hi and ask me how I was and what not. I was woundering what the deal is with all that. It's not like I'm popular and they want to be seen with me or anything like that, I'm more on the quiet side.


Know what I'll give you an example of what I mean and you can see for yourself (with the voice tone I'm talking about):


Tennis practice is almost over and we have to do sprints.


Her: "Hey (my name), are you ready to do laps"


Me: "Yeah, I guess so but I hate running"


Her: "Oh me too," (high five eachother) "but I had to do it all the time for track"


Me: "Oh well that give you an advantage"


Her: Laughs "Yeah I guess so!"


Oh and by the way, I never really talked to her one on one before that!

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