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My 5th year aniversarry with my girlfriend what should i do?

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this may sound chhesy but here are few ideas...depending on where u live i known people who go to the top of the empire state building and like make it special....or my ex did something for each of my senses...taste smell...etc and when it came to touch...she slipped the ring on my finger and told me how much i meant to her....i dunno....maybe that will give u a few ideas.

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For the ring itself - depending what you had in mind, you can look up the meanings of some stones and have them included almost like a mother's ring, and write a note that expresses the meaning of each, how you feel and what you're promising her.


It depends on what kinda expression suits you as well - I've seen them given on teddy bears, on a rose with a card, even on a pair of running shoes on the laces! Use something that would be a token of your first date maybe, like put it in a vhs case of the first movie you went to, on the handle of a coffee mug if you went to a coffee shop - be creative, do soemthing that's totally you, and will show her you remember the little things. Even take her to the place you had your first date, if that's practical!


Just remember it's usually the little things that make the biggest impression and make something truly special as opposed to the grand gesture!

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