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A really screwed up situation

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I have gotten involved in this screwed up situation - and am looking for suggestions or advice on what my best course of action would be. During the summer I started hanging out with my ex girlfriend and her ex girlfriend. They had been apart for a few months but still live together. During the first few times of hanging out with them i could tell that I was attaracted to my x's ex. And she felt the same way. We all had been kidding around about having a 3 some....we eventyally did. But just so you all understand i did bring up in the discussion, that this could affect us in ways that we had not anticipated. Anyways...so we all had a good time and the next morning my ex...tells us both that the whole thing freaked her out and she could tell that we were attacted to each other. Now at this point honestly I took a step back assesed the situation, and my feelings and decided that my feelings we stong and i couldnt walk away. Am I wrong? fast forward a few months of me and the x's ...ex seeing each other and my ex is still having a problem with the situation. Am I being an ass here ? I know this wasnt an ideal situation - and really never set out to hurt anyone. Is it wrong for me to want to keep seeing her?

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There has always been a standard rule of thumb not to date within the circle of acquaintances. I disagree with that. What you cannot ignore is if there is a mutual energy between the parties involved, go for it. I think the three-some was a bad idea because obviously someone outshined the other. The reality is that someone is out there for each and every one of us. Coincidentally, it may be your ex's ex. Excuse the title and hope that your ex can respect the fact that you are moving on, regardless if its somewhere she's already been.

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8) I am going to just be blunt. She is your ex, and the other girl is her ex. We call these people ex's, because they no longer have a say in the decisions that we make. The first question you should be asking yourself is do you still have lingering feelings towards your ex? If no, then live your life and act accordingly. Her ex is interested in you, not in your ex. You've already slept together, so the hard part is over. [/i]

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