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Is it just a game??


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There's a manager at work who has started being friendly to me out of the blue and he started joking around with me at work. He always makes a joke when I see him in the halls. I'm shy by nature and started to feel kind of shy about it all, though he never says anything suggestive and he doesn't come looking for me.

A few times lately he's taken to just staring at me when he walks by me or I walk by him. He won't smile or say hi, he just stares at me for longer than necessary keeping direct eye contact with me. But then the next day if I see him he can be friendly again. What is he trying to do with this staring thing? Is he trying to send some kind of message to me, or maybe he's trying to look all serious and management?

The problem is though, that even though I had hardly ever spoken to him before this joking thing started, now I'm starting to feel attracted to him because all this joking around - is he just treating me like one of the guys and thinks I'm a friendly person? Or is there something more on his mind.

I'm confused.

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I don't know if I can overcome my shyness to suggest something like that!!! I know this sounds old fashioned, but, shouldn't the man be the one to ask someone out?? And since he hasn't, but he still shows me lots of friendly attention, maybe that's all it is? Is there any subtle way to find out one way or the other without making a fool of one self?!!

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