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I want to stop her from marrying my brother, will it work?


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Is this supposed to be a joke?


well, we like to assume people come here and post the truth, and not to play around with us.


even if the op is joking around, perhaps there is someone else in the world who will come accross this post, and they are in the situation of wanting to break up an impending marriage, so maybe they will take this advice to heart.

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Hate no I wouldn't say that but maybe there is some resentment. He had almost everything he wanted and all the praise (how smart and friendly he is, so popular and the favorite child) and unfortunately that'll never happen to me.


You continue to repeat that your brother gets everything and is superior to you in every way. Everybody thinks the world of him... and you're left in the cold. This sounds like a serious self-esteem issue to me.


This woman is getting married. Whether it's to your brother or to some other guy, who cares? She's obviously happy and doesn't want to be with anybody else. What the others have said is spot on. They'll find the "evidence", look at it, figure out it's fake, probably find out who it was, and the rest is history. Nothing you do will break them up. In fact, if it's this close to their wedding, I bet anything you do to attempt to break them up will only strengthen their bond. Attachment through shared adversity. Maliciousness will always have bad outcomes.


If you're going to focus all your energy on a woman who is already gone, you're wasting your time. Work on these self-esteem issues you have and you'll find there are a lot more better women out there.

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