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Confused on what is going on

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Ok my ex called me up and sead that we need to talk. So I meet and talked about us, what broke us apart and stuff like that. When we left for the night she sead "now whats going on with us" my responce was "I need to think" She "Ok well talk to you later" and we sead are good byes and gave eachouther a hug. I found out that alot of friends where the cause of us braking up by giving both of us false info. and now I have to confrount them. My big question is why did she call ma and then tell me all of this stuff? Is is becouse she would like to get bact together? Or what? I really like her but I am afrade of being played, I was played in my last relasionship. Do you think she is trying to play me? Well thanks for reading and all help would be nice.

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If she is interested in talking with you about your relationship, it may be the start of her thinking that she wants another shot. Only advice I would give is to make sure you keep communicating. Don't just jump headlong back into the relationship and fall back to old habits. Take it slowly and deliberately. Be honest above all things, both to her and to yourself.


Best Wishes,


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If you guys decide to try to work things out - I'd make some sort of pact between you to always discuss everything with the two of you - and NOT take what anyone else says at face value. Even friends with good intentions tend to slant what they say with their own opinions of what they think you need to hear for "what's best for you," which is not necessarily what really IS best, since only you can judge that. It's much easier to communicate well without other people getting in the way!

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