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Long Time Pet Dying

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Ok i have this dog and ive had her since i was five years old. Out of my family i am the closest to this dog, and i dont remember my life w/o her. She is a real small dog and she is 11 yrs old. Recently she is been acting extremely weird. She shivers when i touch her, she hardly moves, and she is in alot of pain. I think it is her time to go... And i know that if this condition does not go away, she is going to die. Because we dont have the money to do an operation.


I just want to know if any of you lost a long time pet. Its just so sad to see her in pain like this. What do you people do when someone very close to you is kickin the bucket.

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Aww, I can totally relate to that. I had my dog from as early as I can remember up until I was 14, and she was my BEST friend. She was also 11-12 when she had a heart attack/stroke (we're not sure which) one night out of the blue, and the vet had to put her to sleep because an operation would have been $500 and not truly worth it as far as the quality of her life would have been.


It's SO hard......I woke up the next morning and my dad told me they'd put her to sleep, and I cried all day in school and for days after that-she was my best friend.


You just grieve for her, same as you do anyone/anything you've loved and lost. But you also remember the good times you had with her, the love you gave her, and the affection you shared for each other. The wonderful thing about dogs (or any pets, really) is that they love you unconditionally and always, ALWAYS forgive you, and remain your best friend when everyone else fails at some point. I think that's why the people who truly love animals get so attached to them; I know that's why I did.


Eventually, your heart heals. Just remember that she's no longer in pain, she's in a better place and is romping with other animals (at least, that's what I like to think about my dog) and is waiting till she can see you again. It hurts like mad, and you'll miss her terribly, but you also have to realize that it was just her time to go and that she's not suffering anymore. Humans get very selfish when it comes to their pets, and don't want to let go because they love them.


The thing you have to remember is just that it's her time now, and she's not having a good life anymore, regardless of the love you give her. And hang in there......you WILL heal from it, and love another pet as much one day. I have 4 cats now who are all growing older, and dread the day I lose them, but they are like my children ("said the crazy cat lady".....lol) and I don't want them suffering when they get old, I will have to let them go as well. Good luck to you, and we're here if you need to talk.




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It just doesnt make sense that a dog that brought love, comfort, and joy to this world dies. Im not a religious person, so i dont believe she will go to "dog heaven." She will just not exist anymore, its like why the heck are we living?


This reminds me of this one true story about a man in London. He was very, very close to a dog. One day i think there was a fire in his house or something. And the dog dragged him out, unfortunatley the man died. The dog everyday would walk up to its masters grave and cry and dig. Then the dog dies from a broken heart.


Its like what happens to dogs like this? Its makes life seem pointless.

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i can also relate i had a lab mix and i had never had any other dog before her. i got her when i was a year old and she was a pup. she was supposedly a little trouble maker and hated kids but when me and my sister saw her she got so excited and started licking us and wanting us to take her home. heh. afterwards when we brought her home she was a little bit of a troublemaker. she didn't let anyone pet on her without chewing on their hands first except me. i practically grew up with this dog. well in 8th grade in like the beginning of the year she satrted getting a cough and was throwing up. well we took her to the doctor and they gave her an x-ray and she had a tumor in her throat. so we put her on kimo hoping that things would get better but instead the tumor ruptured and she was just in pain all the time and she couldn't eat and she was coughing up blood and it was so said to watch her cry and not be able to stand up or go to the door to see who was home. so we had to put her to sleep cuz there was nothing we could do for her. we didn't have the money to get her the operartion that wouldn't help that long they said it would only let her live maybe another 6 months maybe less. it was so sad and i don't want to ever have to do that again.

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I can totally relate to this topic as well. I had my dog from the 3rd grade until last October. He died of a stroke after slowly deteriorating over the course of several months. My father was going to put him down if he didn't die over the weekend he died, but he died naturally. It was right before I came home to visit my mom, who was also dying. I found out about my dog the same day I found out my mom had two months to live. It was not a fun day.


Losing a pet, especially one you've had for so long, is very difficult. Unfortunately their lives are much shorter than ours, and so one day we will all have to say goodbye. I have a kitten now, and while he'll never replace my dog, he's become very close to me.


I hope your dog passes as peacefully as possible. It's hard to see an animal suffer. I wish you strength and support in this time.

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I have been there too. I lost my pet of 16 years about 1 year ago. I still think of her but I know that it was her time to go, one thing I thought that was weard was I have never greved about the loss. Maby it is the thought that now she is out of her pain. It sounds weard but you will start to get over the loss of your pet. I wish you the best of luck on you greaving.

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