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christmas gifts...


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hey.. i just wanna know what you guys think i should do...



personally, i like to give gifts to people who are close to me... during the last year, a lot of things changed... i got to know two people, who are now my two best friends (male and female) and are like brother and sister to me....


i'm quite low on cash right now, but i do want to get both of them a gift for christmas...


any ideas, or something?


btw, my best female friend (the one i'm talking about here) used to be my girlfriend... so i dunno.... but we get along brilliantly, even better than we used to..


oh well.


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I never spend lots of money on gifts. Last year I gave my now ex-girl christmas and valentines cards that I created myself. Now understand that I've got a talent for drawing here. With you it could be something different, but this works for me and I couldn't do it any other way. The cards were professional looking I don't think she realized the work I put into them. I gave my best friend one of the mock-up copys, he got a kick out of it more then she did.


IMO if I go out and buy you a card it is because I don't realty care. Buying cards seem so superficial/fake and prefabricated. So If I really liked a girl I would draw up my own card.


Don't just sign some card and give her big money gifts. IMO Give her something cool that makes her feel good, then leave a letter and save $4 on an impersonal card. Too bad you didn't tell us what she's interested in, what she likes. These things take some effort.



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