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Ladies, can you give me some ROMANTIC Ideas?

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Hi Ladies, I'm in the process of getting back together with my girl. We were together for 4 and a half years and split up for 7 months. We have been dating slowly for the last six weeks and it's going really well. Things are naturally different than they were but it's all going wonderfully well and we are both happy to give it another chance.


Obviously from that amount of time together she knows me very well and all the romantic stuff I have done in the past, and she loves it.


I'm basically bang out of ideas and wondered if you could let me know what each of you would really love to hear your partner say or what would be the most romatic thing he could do for you.


Really let your minds go because I want to blow her mind like I did the first time round and I want to be original and not repetitive. Include everything even in the bedroom if you want. She knows I still love her to bits but I want her to really feel it..


Thank in advance


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Hehe.....since I date a romantically-challenged man (he's just a little blind in the romance department, doesn't mean I love him any less...lol) I've had plenty of things I'd have loved for him to have done. Also, I've seen some of these ideas from TV shows, so yeah, I'm plagarizing a bit....forgive me.....but some are my own......lol


1) Plan a surprise romantic weekend-tell her you're kidnapping her for the weekend. A hot-air balloon ride, dinner afterwards at some swanky hotel, and have the dinner set up in the room for when you get back, along with champagne or wine. Rose petals all over the place, along with a few bouquets, wouldn't hurt either. Candles add a nice touch as well.


2) Put together a tape or CD of songs you feel personify her, and how you feel about her, and invite her over for an evening of music and slow dancing to these songs. Tell her the meaning of each song and why you feel it fits her so well.


3) Picnic lunch, complete with picnic basket and maybe some gourmet items you wouldn't ordinarily try. A nice spot on a beach, mountainside, remote spot of your choice. SOFT blanket, a bottle of wine, a book of poetry you might like to read to her (sounds corny, but a lot of women love that sort of thing because it IS so unexpected.)


4)Write a short romance story of how you love her, what attracted you to her when you first met, the things she does that captivate you and keep you by her side, the happily ever after at the end, and read it to her. It doesn't have to be polished, it's the feeling that counts.


5) If you have the money (which most don't, but you asked for the ideas....lol) hire a skywriter airplane to spell out that you love her, and have her in a spot at the designated time where she can see it. Guaranteed one-of-a-kind declaration of love there!


These are just a few of the things that I've always thought would sweep me off my feet, my guy just hasn't quite picked up on the hint that even a lousy bouquet of flowers would be nice....lol Go for it.....there are so many ways to tell her you love her, and no matter WHAT you do, she WILL love you for it, and so appreciate the thoughtfulness you showed in trying to give her a special way of showing how you feel!



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Hey there,

I don't know if you have already done this, but I think it'd be awesome to have this happen.

Alright, well first thing is you set up the bedroom. Clean anything flammable off the shelves and such and decorate the room in candles, but don't lite them until about 15 minutes before she comes over. Next find something she can lay on (a somewhat firm surface) so she can lay down while you give her a massage. Use oil or not, its your choice. Just don't set up that stuff near the candles, don't want anything to go up in flames. Of course make sure the sheets are clean and all the general stuff.

Next is the bathroom, clean the tub and the bathroom. Again have candes in there. The idea of the bathroom is to give her a massage and than take a bubble bath. So don't fill up the bath until you are almost done with the massage, so that way water stays warm and bubbles stay bubbly.

From the front door to the bathroom/ bedroom put flower petals all over the floor, maybe add those candy hearts you get on valentines day, the big ones with the sayings on them, to the petals on the floor.

On the front door where she can see it before she comes in, using the candy hearts, write a little something to her, something you like about her, or a little hint to what she should expect when she comes through the door.


OK** so the whole thing from her veiw would be this

She walks up to the door with a candy heart note on it saying something totally sweet. She walks in to a house full of petals and candy hearts leading their way somewhere. Walks into the bedroom to find candles everywhere, more flower petals and a massage table. She walks into the bathroom to see the tub ready to be filled and a room again with petals and candles. Then, her night begins, she loves it, youre happy, once again you blew her away with your romantic side life is good


I really hope that wasnt extremely confusing. If you have any trouble understanding I'll try to explain more clearly. Sorry in advance for the confusion

Have fun




Mars ideas are great!

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I love giving out this kind of advice...


One romantic thing that I've gotten from a b/f was when he hand made out pendent, he bought gold and actually molded it into a heart pendent, one for him and one for me.


That's was really special. Anything that you make will always be special. It shows that you've put more effort in making it. You can spend a lot of money on her with gifts that you buy, but it's just not the same.


Other things....


Plan a picnic, ask her what her favorite sandwhich is, and then surprise her with a picnic.


Take a guitar class so that you could play her music to put her to sleep. Maybe, you could suggest that she takes a singing class, so that both of you could get involved. She sings, and you play the guitar! =)


Buy her roses, and hide it in the car. For example, if you take her out to a restaurant and after you guys are done eating, tell her to stand in the front of the restaurant so that you'll pull up with the car, and when you pull up, go out to open her door, pull out the roses and surprise her...


Plan a secret hang-out spot...


Plan a little spot on where you guys go to spend your most cherished and private time, a little hang out place. It's even more special if you guys hang out there even when you fight. At least, you'll treasure the good and bad times there, it makes the memories more meaningful.


Suggest a cookout session. Challenge her to an 'Iron Chef' competition. She could do the easy stuff like salads or something, while you do something bigger like bake the desert.


Take her out on trips, like a drive along the coast, driving around at night to your favorite love songs..


Make plans to watch the sunset together, or go to (Well we have Griffith park, an observatory where you could look at the stars), something similar to that like driving out to the desert, you'll see more stars there. Plus, you can go camping, that's fun but also very adventurous!


Take her to church on Sundays...


Goof around with her, do little kiddy things like thumb fights, tag, or double dare.


Take outragous pictures: one with mine in particular was when my ex and I took pictures and out of nowhere, we see these tourists taking pictures next to this fountain of a fish, it looked like she was taking a piss because the fish's mouth was about right where her butt was, so we took a picture of that, it was funny!


Whatever you do, the romantic gestures should come out from your heart. It make it more special and unique! I could list a whole bunch of things for you, but it's not original it might not feel natural...you know what I mean?


Actually, romantic things are all of the little things that you do. It's not the big things, but the little things that count!


Good luck with it. I think that the most romantic things come from your heart, the kid that's inside of you. If you do the traditional romantic things, sometimes it gets stale. When you do things that come from your heart, it's more genuine and unique!

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Wow... all I can say is .... Mar, Justagirl and mahlina.. thankyou all so much for your thoughts and ideas here.


Some of the things I've already done but there are a lot of great tips that could be given a variation on a theme there too.


Personally, I'm a little disappointed that my post was moved from the "Sex and Romance for Women" forum to "Dating For Men" forum, seeing as I was asking what other ladies what they thought was romantic and what they would like to hear or have done for them by their partners. I also thought it would have been seen by more romantic women in that section too...Hey ho anyways..


We're going to go for a cycle ride on Saturday 20kms out to a Climbing Wall in the forest to go climbing together. We can both climb but have never climbed together before and this is one sport where you definatly need 2. It's great to have things you can do together, don't you think?


Maybe I'll pack a picknick too. Thanks to you all ladies once again



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