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Need help in relationship!


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Hello all I am new to this site and need help fast...


I've been going out with this girl for about two weeks and we don't hold hands like everybody else.. we should... ( I think its because I'm too shy) Well we talk but I think I should open up more but I'm too shy. We just kissed and I don't know what I did... She just kissed but I kissed her like I was gonna make out with her... ( dont know why) and she said its only the first time why am i trying to do that... I apologized and she said it was ok.. Now it seems like she isn't interested in me much more...?? What should I do?

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Hey bud,

I went through the exact same deal as you. My girlfriend and I didnt hold hands around other people till about 1 month into our relationship. I was as shy as anyone could be and give it time, it will all come to you. People thing relationships are ez, but they come with some responsibility and getting use to. Dont worry about being shy, its a new relationship and everything will fall into place in due time. On the same not, you were just being aggresive, you probably have just seen the movies and thought that was the way your suppose to kiss. She probably didnt know if you wanted to kiss her or that of you being comfortable with it, but now that she does know you want to and that you are comfortable with it you guys can move onto the next step. Its just the normal beginging of relationships, i think everyone has gone through this, it is normal, dont worry about it.

Hope this helps.



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