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need advise asap please


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first off i will start by saying hi. I am new to the site. i am a student in high school. What my question is i have a friend with benefits and hes a little older then me but he has not done as much as i have. I guess i feel nervous because he would say i dunno what to do. So all i would do is laugh. Then he asked me if i would give him a blow job but i have never done that. So i would like to know if anyone has advise for me. and fast. thanks.

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hey, welcome. i'm new too. if u know more than him, then maybe u should teach him. there's no shame in that. matter of fact, i think he'd like it if you took control of the situation 8) and most importantly, just kind of go with the flow. i really don't believe that sex can be taught; its a natural part of life. just explore and ull start 2 get it. hope this helps.

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I might not understand your question, but if it was how to give a bj, no teeth, beneath the head on the ground side of the penis is the most sensitive, and play with his balls (very very lightly). If your real adventurous, put his balls in your mouth, he'd be stoked. Leon's right, us guys like it when chicks take control of the situation, not all night, but for a while. Give and take, be a strong leader and then tell him its his turn ya know! Good luck, and sucking a penis is not a bad thing, helps you not get cancer or something!

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thanks everyone for your advise. and yea i think i will try to take control.

and thanks waiting for burn to end for the advise. I don't know how to give a blow job( i have always been the receiver) But i figured hey he has nothing to compare.lol. so why not?? well if you have anymore advise for what a guy would also like i would love to know. Thanks.


P.S. I have 2 screen names for some reason. Stang03 and V8Stang is me. sorry

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