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I need some help someone

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Hi every one ok this is my situation at the begening of this year I noticed this girl at school and every time I saw her a few a times around the school she always would just look at me and smile. Maybe about 2 weeks ago she came up to me and to asked if remembered her from my old school that I use to go to but said I didn't really remember her when I was at my old school becasuse it was about 2 years ago and I never talked to her she was someone that went to my school at the time. On they way home that day I rememberd her going to my old school like seeing her with her friends etc. The next day she asked me my name and we talked for a few minutes. Now we talk to each other once in a while at school. My problem is I have no clue if she likes me, Im to shy to go ask her what she thinks of me and if she wants to get to know me . Any advice on what should I do??????????

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