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A quick etiquette question......


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First off "HI", my first post here......

My questions pretains to that of actually asking the lady out. I assume that my situation is normal but I need help from a neutral 3rd party(parties). I am 18 and attending a tech school(99%male), Most of my good friends are away at collage. Most of my dating originated from girls I met when with or through friends. I have had limited success outside this venue. Now to my question, "What is the etiquette in asking a girl out in the same encounter as the initial exchange of names"?. Once I did a totally cold ask-for-a-date, Names where still a mystery. In retrospect she handled it well, I mean, I could have been a phsyco or somthing.

Any opinions or information would be great, If I could get a few ladies to respond to this that would be great.

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