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this guy who i have been friends with for almost 2 years now...k well we have been "friends" for a year.....then we like just stopped for about 3 months and tonight we started to do stuff again.....during them 3 months we like just hung out and like didnt bring up sex or anything we just had a good time being friends and talking...hes probably one of the very few guys that i can tell anything too and talk to him about anything and he will listen....hes one of my best friends.

but like before we took our "break" i just tought yeah all we will ever be is just "friends" nothing more and i also thought that i would never actually have serious feelings for him.

tonight when he was here, like when he first got here..he like hugd me for a really long time then he kissed me for a long time...like u know all the things that a guy would do if he really cared about you. and hes never ever done anything like this tonight..hes never acted this way to me before....then we were sitting on my bed and like he wouldnt let me go...then i went to get up and he wouldnt let me get up hes like no dont get up stay here with me...then when he was getting ready to leave hes like i dont want to leave and all this other crap...

so like ok i would like some output on this...does he like me as more than just a "friend" like a relationship type or just wants to have sex?

but like during out "break" i got really strong feelings for him

i dont know what to do because i really really like him..but i dont want to scare him off if i tell him that.

should i ask him how he feels? if so how do i go abouts that?


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Well i believe he is trying to tell you something, He might want to date you again, but the only way you can tell is by time, I just think tonight was his way of letting you know he still cares about you in a very strong way, and needed to have someway to let you know that. If he wants you back his intentions should be made soon, Really hasn't he already made that clear?

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he definitely wants to be more than just friends. You need to talk to him - get him to explain the sudden behaviour change and each of you tell the other how you're feeling about the whole situation.


It sounds like you're good friends so don't rush things - you need to sort it out one way or the other.


Good luck!

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