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Guy hanging out with Girlfriend

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There is this guy that my girlfriend has been friends with for a while but i dont like him due to some reasons which i think are acceptable. He has got into some really bad things such a drugs and all that and he has tried to get my gf to do them with him. A week ago she got drunk and he came to the party where she was at.. I wasnt there... she told me to call her and when i did her friend lied to me for her saying she was sleeping.. but she was actually with that guy.. When she got back she called me and said she smoked pot and then said just kidding.. but i knew she did and her friend told me she did as well.. She has told me she doesnt trust him alone with her when she is drunk and i dont know what to think there.. i trust her 200% but when she is drunk i trust her judgement 0%. Besides the fact he is coming to see her on tuesday and she asked me if she could go hang out with him and i said ok. But inside i dont want her to and i dont want to tell her she cant do stuff.. and expecially hang out with certain people( i dont want her to feel isolated to who she can and cannot hang out with and what she can and cannot do)... i want her to know i trust her and she can do whatever she wants but i really feel this guy is a bad influence on her. and it is not i dont trust her its that i dont trust this guy.. i may sound jealous but i am totally not.. i just want whats best for her.


what should i do? tell her how i really feel about this guy and how i dont like her hanging out with him or just leave it and put my 200% trust that i have for her and leave it?

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you need to tell her how you are feeling. telling her "i don't think this guy is a good guy to be around" is different than saying "you can't go". make sure you let her know what you feel & why. she should respect your opinion & you should respect her choice. she might still choose to go, but there is nothing you can do about it. if you don't want her to be alone with him, then say something like "can i meet this guy sometime & hang out too?". Unless something is up between them, she shouldnt have a problem with at least introducing you two.

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