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Is this fair to me? Should I move on or wait for her?

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ok is this fair to me...i like a girl for like 3 years...until recently she tells me she likes me, we go out have a good time. She says she really really likes me but isnt ready to get into a relationship wit me and basically expects me to wait until she is. (she never said this but i think we can all understand why i think this). So at a party friday night, we are all like close stuff pretty intimate, then i see her wit this guy doin the same thing. I asked her bout it and she said they were good friends and hes always flirty like that. Aite so now im a sophomore in high school and my friends think im a retard waiting for this girl...what do u all think...should i move on or wait for her

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I have had a similar problem. Although your problem may be a lot different, its a lot the same. I met a girl in 9th grade. Iv had a "thing" for her up for about 2 1/2 years. About 7 months ago we actually hooked up. She to had a thing for me jsut as long. During the time before we hooked up, I seemed to notice that her and my BEST FRIEND were talking. I mean this made me furious. But Im saying, if something is supposed to happen between yall it will. Just live life as normal and do not stress about the situation. If its meant to happen it will. We happened for no commin cause. We just started tlaking and ended up together. Just live life to its fullest, dont let something like that bother you. Keep talking to her, and since you both know you like her, just wait for her to give a sign of some sort. Just dont worry about this, and once again, just live life, if its meant to happen....IT WILL.

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If she is friends with you, she will understand that you cannot put your life on hold for her. You're ready to commit, she isn't - bad timing.


All you can say is that you really like her and would like to go out with her. She has chosen not to commit. Your choice is to deal with it and continue life (with your cards on the table) - make no mistake, you're not in a relationship with her - if someone else comes around the corner, then be happy for yourself. This girl will have missed the boat and that's the long and short of it. Who really believes they can have their cake and eat it?

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