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How do i get women!?

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I need a girlfriend. Im a good looking guy, i sort of look like john mayer with weezer glasses on 8) but ive got a strong personality, i just want to know, what should i do to get girls, how should i talk to girls, should i touch them when i talk? how should i talk to them to? what do women want to hear, do they want to hear about me or what, im a real outgoing guy and ive got a lot of friends, usually guys like that get a lot of women, and i can, but the ones that want me i dont want, i just lost track of how girls feel, tell me alllllll you know pleeeease!

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a tread from one of my other emails. enjoy.



I used this strategy long enough to realize a few

key things:


1) Approaching women this way doesn't usually work. They

immediately sense your insecurity, and mentally classify

you as "average" and "like the other 10 guys that

approached her today", etc.


2) ATTRACTION is a completely illogical process.

ATTRACTION also isn't a choice. ATTRACTION is a response

to certain things... and it happens on it's own.


3) Being a good guy is an important part of life.

Treating others well and always doing the right thing

leads to things like: A) Liking yourself, B) Happiness,

C) Good friendships, etc.


4) Being a "nice guy" when it comes to women and dating,

especially when it is used enough to make you qualify as



5) There are certain techniques that can be learned

which will help you get past the initial meeting and

dating period... and help you not only stand out as a

"not average" guy, but also create the magical emotion

of ATTRACTION inside women.


6) The great news is that you don't have to be ultra

handsome, rich, or famous to do it.


The gist of what I'm saying is that if you know how

to create this ATTRACTION inside of women, then you can

overcome just about any "social stigma" that might be

attached to you (yes, even 4 kids!).


Some people get upset when they read about my

techniques... they don't like the idea of making fun of

a woman, busting her balls, being Cocky and Funny, etc.


They just want to "be themselves" and have a woman

"like them for who they are".


Of course, these same guys ALMOST ALWAYS like to

buy women flowers and dinner, give compliments, accept

manipulative behavior... and generally do ALL KINDS OF

THINGS that I consider "very manipulative" and "not-at-

all-being-yourself" kinds of behavior.


Go figure.


The point is that when you made the comment about

the qualities that make up "nice guy" don't really help

you out when it comes to women and dating, you REALLY

hit the nail on the head.


It's not that you have to be an abusive-loser-jerk, but

you must realize that there are certain qualities that

aren't what one might consider "nice-guyish" that PUSH



These are the things like being Cocky and Funny,

teasing women, busting on them, and generally being a



If you decide that a woman you've met is "long term"

relationship material, then you can start doing the

things that you'd do with someone who has earned your

respect and trust. It's at this point that doing "nice

guy" things makes more sense.


BUT WATCH OUT! Don't unexpectedly turn in to Mr.

Wussy just because a woman wants to have a relationship

with you. Nothing can make a woman want to be "just

friends" faster...


No matter what you do, you still must maintain a



So to answer your question about how to overcome

the objection to four kids...


First, realize that the women you're meeting fall

into roughly a few categories:


1) Those that aren't interested at all, no matter what.

Maybe they're gay, happily married, not interested...

or all of the above.


2) Those that are interested in being with you for some

short term fun, but aren't interested in a relationship

at all.


3) Those that are interested in short term fun while

they're single, but would like to pursue a relationship

if they meet a good match. Here we have two sub-

categories: A) Those that object to the four kids thing,

and B) Those that don't.


4) Those that are only interested in a long-term

relationship. We also have the sub-categories here...

Those that object to the kids, and those that don't.


My first question to YOU is: "Which type of woman are

YOU looking for?"


Sounds to me like you're looking for a #3, option B...

a woman who's interested in some short-term fun, who would

like to pursue a long-term relationship if she meets a

good match... and is open to the kids. (If you're only

looking for a woman who's after short term fun, then the

kids don't really matter. Just don't bring them up.)


My perspective: Date some women, and BLOW THEIR MINDS

with the techniques you've learned. Use the Cocky and

Funny material... dial up the ATTRACTION... if you get

physical with them, make it UNFORGETTABLE.


My experience is that if a person is REALLY ATTRACTED

to another person, they'll put aside all obstacles in

order to be with the object of their desires.


Yes, this means 4 kids and an ex.


If I were you, I'd project the attitude that you're

not interested in any woman that can't adapt to the

situation. Communicate that YOU'RE the one doing the

selecting, and it will cancel out a woman's objections

before they even arise. Think about it.


I know personally know guys that have gotten past

"obstacles" that almost seem IMPOSSIBLE to overcome...


Raise YOUR OWN standards, and you'll find that this

has a magical effect on the way women treat you.


If you're reading this right now, and you're in a

situation in life where you'd like to get back on track

and start having more success with women and dating,

then it's time for you to take action.


Just sitting around HOPING that something will happen

or that you'll "get lucky" isn't going to do it.


If you just WAIT for something to happen, there's a

VERY LIKELY chance that you'll either wind up ALONE for

a VERY long time... or you'll wind up with a woman that

you don't really enjoy that much.


It's up to you to actually take responsibility for

this area of your life... and to go get yourself an

education on how to be successful with women and dating.


The best place to do it?

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"techniques" are stupid and are just another form of manipulation ... just be yourself ... most women are smart, unless they are totally blitzed on cocktails they can smell desperation and insincerity like a shark smells fresh blood ... if you're honest about who you are and what you're about, confident about your life and your day-to-day choices, willing to listen and learn about other people rather than talking all the time and trying to impress people or "sell yourself," you'll do fine ... you may not meet the woman of your dreams right away but eventually it'll happen ... hard as it is to accept, you can't force love or go fishing for a girlfriend one night and have it happen and happen well ... you just have to let it come to you, and the best things will happen when you least expect them to...



just work on becoming a better person and pursuing your passions in life and don't be so desperate for a girlfriend, and you'll probably get one. that's pretty much how it works.

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i totally agree with in in_flux. it does happen when u least expect it.

just make sure u always go out with those friends that get alot of women, and dont go out looking for a girlfriend. i would however, advise you to try and get rid of the insecurities, because that does increase your chances massively. basically, if u go out as a confident version of yourself, not looking for or needing a girlfriend, and not really concerned about it, they will come to u.

good luck

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