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Do I have to talk when my boyfriend's family comes to visit? Can I just be alone? I feel uncomfortable around his family because they talk about things that I don't even know about. We come from different areas in the state. Grew up differently. What should I do? I try to find points of interest in their conversations but it never works.....

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It's important to interact and talk with his family, but the feelings you have are important, too. You need to speak about this with your boyfriend and have him "stick up for you" by bringing up topics you can talk about and including you in conversations. If he doesn't have this social skill or sensitivity towards you, then you're probably in the wrong relationship. But talk to him and work with him and see if he can come through for you.

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Hey allstarsassyone


Yea, some people are very quite and like to just stay quite around others. However, there are those too that are just afriad of another's family members as they feel that they've got a lot to live up to. I'm not sure if you're either of those people but make an attempt, I'm not saying that you should try and be someone else, but yea, do make an attempt and loosen up a bit, I know it's hard but communication is a key!


Dfcannon has some great advice! In addition, you must make sure your guy is aware of your problem so he too can do something about it. I think it's a good idea to let your guy's family to know who you are, if they're not gonna like you then you'll have time to work on it, plus the sooner they know you the better. Just remember, no one's perfect!



Happy Heb

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