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She kissed another girl!..Is she trying to make me jealous?

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I am a female, and I have this huge crush on this lovely girl. She knows how I feel about her and she has never really responded to them other than playful flirting. That disappoints me because I was hoping to have something happen between us. Well we were at a party last night, and she kissed another girl! she has never kissed me and she knows that i would like that. She said I want to kiss ..'that other girl' and she said i want to just because i know you'd slap me, and the other girl said actually no i wouldn't . so they puckered up. it wasn't really intimate kiss, it was closed lips, and they were laughing, they did it in front of everyone there, and the guys even took a picture. i'm just standing there dumbfounded i couldn't believe what i was seeing. my feelings were hurt and i just left and went outside. she knows how i feel why wouldn' t she kiss me if she wanted to kiss a girl? why her? i'm confused and hurt. i don't know what to do or say. i am thinking is she just showing me that she is willing to do that or is she just not interested in me? i'm feeling so sad , any advice would make me feel better. and as much advice as i could get i'd appreciate. i mean that's what this whole site is for is advice right? thank you.

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This is very simple.


The Kiss that your love interest, gave the other girl was just for fun and games, and she knew that the other girl would not take it to mean anything but a simple game.


On the other hand, she definatly knows that a kiss with you is something you would take more serious then a fun party peck for fun.


This kiss she gave the other girl like you said, was not an intimate kiss, it was like you said closed mouth etc. You think, that this kiss would have been done the same if she if you were involved? of course not. and she just may not be ready for an intimate kiss with you in public.


Which brings up the next possible reason:


I assume you are open about being lesbian/Bi and she knows that people know this, she may or may not be Bi curious etc. but she is not ready to show her feelings for you in a public place. In other words, lets just "say" for arguments sake, that she does have feelings for you, but has been strugling with her own sexuality issues, do you really expect her to come out and make a public display of affection with you? c'mon thats asking too much.


Then there is the very possible fact that she is not bi curious or interested in a same sex relationship, she is your friends and she just playfully flirts with you.. I have "female" friends that flirt with me, and its all fun and games nothing serious, just teasing. so just because she teases you does not mean she is looking to have a relationship with you.


So you see, there are so many many reasons why she wouldnt give that kiss to you. you on the other hand only took it one way, that she did it to make you jealous, and you know why you think this? because its what you want to believe.

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What i don't understand is that i post a topic needing some advice, hoping to find some insight into my situation. when i come back to check on my topic , i see that 70 some people have read it and only two have bothered to reply. i don't understand, i thought we were here to help one another and give advice? why do so many of you guys read my post and don't offer anything to help? why even bother reading it? and it's not just me, i see where it says views 60 and reply 0. why even bother to read it if you won't reply? isn't this site all about offering advice? i don't get it. #-o

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