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Showing your self-confidence to girls


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confidence is number 1 when trying to attract girls naturally. Iv learned that now. Infact, confidence in yourself is number 1 in almost everything in life.

i know how to destroy any insecurities i have in my self in an instant. all you have to do is just switch to state of mind where u believe U ARE THE BEST. it can be done in seconds, even if ur just pretending. when i do that, i suddenly notice that i am walking proudly, head high and all my insecurities inside me have vanished.

i make this switch whenever there are girls present, especially if i like one of them. but i dont feel it is enough. i feel i need to express my self confidence and reliance more. maybe do a task or act of some sort. i have self confidence, but its not enough. i want to be able to show self reliance without being drunk (which is when all my insecurities really do just vanish).

what are good ways/techniques to show to a group of girls that u have self confidence and reliance. for all the girls, what kind of self-confidence/reliance things does a guy do that really makes him look attractive?

as always, thanks in advance.

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Self confidence is not something you should switch on and off in a given situation. You should be confident all the time, know yourself, and love yourself. The trick is being confident without being cocky. It can be a very fine line. Girls don't like cocky guys generally. All you can do is be yourself and hope you find someone special that identifies with that. Also, while being confident, don't overlook others needs by being to concerned with yourself. Listen when they talk, eye contact, paying attention to their subtle hints are all good things to do. People pick up on this, and it goes a long way in life. Not sure I really answered your question, but I hope this helps. Stay strong!

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I agree with Iahso with the face that you have to know yourself. You have to be completely honest with yourself and work on making you who you want you to be....does that make any sense? You have to know you are the best you can be like you said and the only way to do that is to work at what you know you have to improve upon. Martial arts and the Marine Corps really helped me with this....and its an ongoing thing to this day. Later Dude!

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