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Stopped all contact

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This guy and I have been friends for almost a year. We talked online everyday and on the phone 2-3 sometimes 4 times a day. We get along totally great. We were always telling each other how happy we are when we talk and that we appreciate the help we've given each other. we'd flirt all the time and it was totally great!

Obviously I fell for him.

For the past year I have been helping him with his break up and helping him get through the days.

So on the 19th of this month we had a typical great conversation. Than on monday he calls me in the morning for a quick hello. Monday night we talk online for a few seconds and thats it.

He doesnt call me,doesnt answer my calls,my emails,or texts, nothing, until I finally called him Thursday night to make sure he was ok. He sounded like he didnt wanna have a thing to do with me. At least thats the impression I got. So we talked for about 5 minutes and than he said he had to go. I emailed him Thursday night asking him if everything was ok and that I got the impression I was bothering him, so he should tell me straight up if he doesnt want to talk. He wrote back Saturday explaining hes busy, and has a lot on his mind. So I wrote back telling him I understood and I was sorry for jumping to conclusions.

I havent heard from him since saturday.

I called sunday night to say hi and make sure hes doing ok. Texted him good morning on monday and tuesday morning. Didn't call, write or text at all yesterday, but gave in today and texted him about 2 hours ago to say hi and hope everything is great. I haven't gotten any responses.

I'm not asking for a conversation like we always used to have (even though that'd be great) I just would like to know he is ok. I get worried about him.

I do not understand what's going on.

He told me he'd never do the things other people have done to me, but he's going back on his word and pretty much slapping me in the face by treating me like this.

Any advice on what I should and Shouldn't do would be great!

I have thought it over so many times and I can't think of anything I did to make him not want to talk to me.

Maybe its not me, I dunno...I just hate this. I'm confused!!!





Thanks for reading this, I'm sorry it is so long and childish! I just need some input.

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I admit to cutting this one girl off from all communication. I could not talk to her cause i was chasing someone else. I do feel a little bad about it. tell him something about meeting another guy, if he has picked up someone, that may loosen him up some and he may say if he has someone. I got trapped by that myself one time.

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Hey thank you for responding to my post. I talked to him last night and he explained to me whats been going on. So things are much better. It wasn't exactly what you guys had said, but thank you for replying, I appreciate it So have a great night.

Thanks Again


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