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Help me with a Career Move

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I'm an engineer who wants to become more of a businessman. I plan to go back for a Bachelor's in Management.

The problem is that my company does not offer tuition re-imbursement. It's a $15,000 tab to finish school. I probably make too much to qualify for financial aid, (I make 90k and have no debt).

Any ideas on how to get this schooling paid for if my employer won't do it?!!!

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Well you can take out some loans and repay them over time.

There is also tax write-off for continuing education but your income might be too high to qualify for that.


What about negotiating with your employer to pay a part of your schooling?


You could search for scholarships that might apply to you - some of them are not based on need.

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Why not consider spending some of your OWN money on your education? There are plenty of people who don't have the money or a first degree that need help to pay for college. I understand you may not want to foot the bill, but its to better you, why would it be someone else's responsibility? I am sure you'll happily take any raises that come along with your new degree.

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