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hanging out with husband ex wife

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You know what, I've hung out w/my ex b/f's ex before.


It wasn't his ex-wife, but close. I think that it's a great idea. You get to listen on all of the juicy gossips about him, and then it gives you a better perspective on the guy that you're dating.


At least, by hanging out with the boyfriend's/husband's ex, you don't deal w/the facad, 'mask' that your partner presents to you. An ex's ex will almost always let you in on the truth. You want facts, you got it.


What's even better, you can tell that person what your partner says about them, and find out that your partner tweeks his/her side of the story to add to the pretend, 'angel' facade.


I think that it's a great idea...it's not that you don't trust the person, you're just wanting to know more about them....Good luck!

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I initially wanted to get to know my husband's ex-girlfriend (he was never married, but she's the closest he'd have to that. However, the more I was around her and heard how he talked about her, his descriptions measured up that she was pretty much not somebody I would want in my life, so I didn't pursue it. Not to mention that she hates me because she lived with him for 3 years and he wouldn't marry her and he met and married me in 3 months!

Anyway, the point is that I think it's great if you can get along with her, but be careful because you might end up finding out more information that you'd rather not have known... (some of it may not even be true, and then you're wondering who to believe....sometimes it's better to leave the past in the past. It could jeopardize your current relationship.

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