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Just something off the top of my head


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Hey. I was thinking of this girl I liked and came up with this:



Why I Love You


I love you!

How can I describe my love? Is it possible with words?

How can I tell you how you make me feel?

Well, heres a start...


I love the way you bright up the room when u walk in it,

I love the way you smile at me, letting me know everything will be fine,

I love the way your eyes glisten like the swirl of the stars in the sky,

I love the way you think, always thinking of others,

I love the way you make me laugh, until my skin turns blue,

I love the way you are, no matter what anyone thinks

I love the way you make me feel, like the king of the world


I love you!



Well, thats it. It may not be great and I'm sure you've heard some of it in other peoms before, but it helps express how I feel right now. Maybe I'll write an even better poem later. Thanks for reading.

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Wow, thanks for the responses. I appreciate your complements. I'm inspired to write some more now lol. I have an idea for a poem that I will post up later...btw, are am I allowed to post another poem in a new topic or do I have to post it in a reply in this thread? Thanks again guys.

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