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Need advice about a situation.....


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Ok, here is the situation.


Today a girl I know sits down acrost from me at lunch and starts a conversation by stating "So, you've seen about 12 girls right."

So, I tell her yes, and that since I have started school I have probably blew off that many. Then she tells me that I am scared of girls. I reply by saying that girls are a lot nicer here compared to the fast chicks at the community college I use to go to. She gets a funny look on her face and askes me if I was seeing a girl named "Anna." I said no, and then she states that she is not a very nice person and she is a back stabber and blaw blaw. I again asserted that I wasn't, and wouldn't ever date her. She then says that she needs to go see her tutor and takes off...


What is this girls deal? I mean why would she bring up anything about me dating anyone to begin with and insist that I am scared to death of girls. The only thing I could think of is that I have been doing a lot of self improvement lately, and maybe she was interested in my involvement with someone or something.


Any ideas?

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there R alot of ways you could look at this one of them maybe she has a interest in you cause i have came accross some gurls that ask funny thing to try and find out if ur single or not ..... so she could want you or she could just want to know evey thing bout ur life *caugh caugh caugh * stalker ..... lol that my view on it be safe man and have a good time bye bye 0X

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