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i need a lot of help with my friends

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hey my name is amy i am 17 years old and i am having problems with my friends......it all started yesterday when i was at school...... i was in a very bad mood and for the class i was in i had to go get changed so i was in the bathroom getting changed and then all of a sudden my one friend stacy kicks the bathroom door open on me and it hit me in the eye..........i told stacy to grow up.....about 2 sec later my friend jenny gos under the stall and takes me shirt and i am starting to get really mad but then she gives it to my one friend melissa and melissa went running down the hall with it (i know it sounds like 2nd grade) so i told jenny so better get me my shirt back or i was goin to exploed.......when melissa walked back into the bathroom she was laughing so i told her to grow up but i said some more word after that ( the c word) so then melissa just leaves the bathroom.........i get back into the class room and she is try in to act all cool and she told me i never better call her that again......and then she was like how do u like it and she said it about 5 times and the teacher was right there.......... and then she was fighting with the teacher........and then i got involved in it and told her what happened and melissa said that she was goin to defend herself........my teacher asked me if i called her that i i told her yes........ but 3then me and melissa started to argue in the class and in the middle of the agruement i am like i am not goin to argue with a 18 year old immiture b***h so then it stopped..... after class i went up to the teacher and i told her my side of the story without conflict..... well then today came i was in a very good mood when i came into school but then i seen my SO CALLED best friend jenny was conected at the hip with each other...... at the beginning of class jenny gave me something that i have been waiting for for a while and she said here it is and i said thanks but then durning class i never seen them apart one went to the bathroom so did the other one went to there locker so did the other then i was getting really mad cause i thought jenny was my best friend but then i was talk to my friends about it and they totally agreed with me... when it came to lab time they were in sep rooms (wow they had to be apart) and i was in jennys room only one phase was said between the 2 of us and we always talk and it was i sneezed and she said god bless u but i didn't say anything....... my main point is was jenny really my friends the reason i say this is because if i am not talkin to melissa y can't jenny talk to me........... PLEASE i need help




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maybe jenny doesn't know your side of the story. she could just be going by what the other girl is telling her, which would make you seem like the bad friend here. however, if those girls did that to you while you were changing, thats not nice at all. & they are immature for 18 year olds. if they did that & don't understand why you might be upset about it, then they are just not nice friends. i would say that if you want to figure out why jenny is acting this way, you should maybe call her & make sure that other girl isn't around & then ask her whats going on, or you should wait until you see her by herself. it could just be a phase too. being a girl, i know that we can get into the stupidest fights & not talk for awhile & we take it too far, but later its all better. maybe that might happen too.

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