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Should i aks her out? And what if she says NO


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Recently i met this girl, that i really like. At the time, I couldnt even talk to her.


I finally talked to her, twice actually (heh). Anyways, I talked to her, I seen her at walmart, and we stopped and talked for a few minutes, then we had to move on. Then the next day, I talked to her a little before the game. What I did notice however, was that she noticed me, (she said hi to me first) and we went from there. I dont know if that means anything, or am I just hoping.


Anyways, I basically have one chance to get anything done coming up this saturday. There is a game. I will talk to her hopefully. A buddy of mine tells, me to be confident in myself, and basically go up to her and talk to her, and talk enough to ask her out. What are some suggestions to asking her out. Is his advice good advice? Do I just like, flat out ask her if she wanna go eat, or see a movie or something?


And what if she says NO, how would she say no. And how should I react to it.


any hints?

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