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Facial Hair; So Good or No Good?

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That depends on a number of factors, if u have blonde hair, or if you are asian, it tends to not look as good on them. if you have dark brown hair, and do it the right way, it can make a world of difference, i personally like scruffy guys, but it has to fit there look, and not just be in certain places. if the hair grows like a beard, it isnt good looking to me anymore. oh and hope ur hair isnt too ruff ^_^


that is my opinion

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It also depends on how you wear the facial hair. I think just about all women will agree that a goatee looks good on just about ANYONE....lol Plain mustache? Too severe. Beard and mustache? Either mountain-mannish or Abe Lincoln. I don't know, the clean-shaven goatee can't really be beat, and I've NEVER seen a guy (with the exception of Asians, but I've also never seen a bearded/mustached/goateed Asian) who didn't look good with one!



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It makes you look older, and if you're young, older isn't all that good. for older guys, like my dad, it makes you look more distuinguished, i guess, so older. if thats the look you like, go for it *shrugs* i personally don't think a lot of facial hair is good, the clean-shaven way is a bit safer.

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well i agree with enadevoli...it depends on wheteher or not you suit facial hair. If you do think that it suits you then its probably a good idea to experiment with different goatie styles and that...i personally think facial hair can be really attractive provided that its not too thick, nicely shaped and suits the guy.


hope this helps

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ive always thought that it depends upon that persons facial structure, i wouldnt say that uts a bad thing to have, but on a personal note i believe id like it at a minimum, but you see different people like different things. so i believe youll end up with a wide range of answers. but trust me most people look good with it, and the ones who dont..well they know.


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me personally, dont really like facial hair, manily on my guy, COS when you go to kiss him, it kind hurts your face, so anice clean shave is the way to go about it,


but i also agree with the rest of the galsit kinda depends on the guy him self, what is out look is, his dress sense, his face built. everything, it may soot some and others not.

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