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Hey guys, well theres this girl i like and i recently found out that she alrdy has a boyfriend. But before i knew that i tried to ask her out to movies and stuff. Anyways, i just talk to her every 2 days just to keep in touch and hopefully be a rebound guy. The problem is everytime I meet her and we talk its like i am a bother to her. Like when i ask her questions she talks to me in a sortof aggressive tone. All im doing is acting like a friend towards her. What should i do??

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since she knows you like her, she is probably intimidated and would like you to back off from making moves on her, and she probably feels that since you know she has a boyfriend you continue to do so as a sign of disrespect toward her feelings. you can maybe let her know that her boyfriends a nice guy, something along those lines, etc so she knows that you aren't out to "win her" or something. keep the lines of communication friendly and in the future there may be something

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I t seems to me she wasent really up front with you in the first place

about having a boyfriend, and letting you linger and wonder is also

a sign she didn't really care anyways. It seems to me you should just move on I'm sure you deserve better than what she had to offer.

So I hope this helps you get past the situation with her, good luck in

finding someone worthy of your friendship.

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