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Signs that maybe your ex wants you back

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iv maintained no contact with my ex for almost three months now. i try to avoid her whenever we are in person, and havent emailed her or started a conversation with her on msn for as long as i can remember. i started dating someone else for 2 weeks, but i dont know if she heard about that or not, and have really really been showing happiness and confidence and that i have moved on.

suddenly, in the past week she started conversation with me on msn (rare), she has emailed me twice (she never emails me), although the emails where kind of like a chain thing to a few people. one of them was about friendships and how she always thinks about her friends even if they dont really talk to her that often (ironic), and the other one was organising and inviting a few people to the cinema tomorrow (again something she rarely does). should i go?

this friday i was dancing with loads of girls and really enjoying myself, and it was getting to her because she was always looking over at me, and deliberatly walked infront of me so i could notice her. iv also noticed her friends are always mentioning her when around me.

am i over reading things? what are the signs when they are missing you and want you back?

p.s. i asked God to give me another chance at the end of this month so u can see why im getting a bit excited at whats apparently going on.

thanks guys

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It sounds to me like she may be showing interest in you again but you need to find out why. Personally, I get jealous when I see an ex with other women and then I decide I want him back. When I do get back together with him, then I remember why we broke up to begin with and it's over again. You should try to find out if that's the case with her. Receiving emails and IM's out of the blue may be a result of her finding out you've been dating someone or it could mean she realized over the last 3 months that she misses you. Maybe talk to her friends about it since they mention her around you all the time anyways. The worse that could happen is that you remain broken up

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It sounds like she might be in that "questioning" stage of wondering if her judgement call was right in breaking up with you, and trying to figure out how she feels about you now.


If you don't want to confirm she was RIGHT to break things off, keep in mind the reasons you think she did in the first place, don't slide back into jumping through hoops for her now, since you seem to have made enough of an impression to make her question.


She's starting to take some of the initiative here? Good! LET HER. You can sound open to seeing her without jumping whenever she makes contact. For example, when she messages, by all means say it was great to talk to her, but make sure you "have to go" before she does at least some of the time. She asks you along somewhere? Damn, pity you already have plans this time, if she can ask you what a good day would be for you though, you'll keep it open, sorry, sounds like it would've been fun, and appreciate the invite. She takes that into consideration and asks you to go along for a time you've given her, great, sounds good, cya there! Encourage her efforts, make her enjoy taking the initiative, without falling into the doormat role. Don't undo everything you've accomplished. And by all means, make her wonder a bit, she walks in front of you again, give her a wink and a grin to let her know you saw, she may well enjoy trying to get your attention for a while. Be flirtatious - pique her interest with that, it'll be a much bigger thrill for her to get your attention there than seeing puppy dog looks from you, so keep it up!

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