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My friend love my girlfriend

The Boy

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Hey Dude

I love my girlfriend but, i have a friend there is crazy about her. He wan ´t forget her, and he would like to score her.

He know I love her and She Love me! But I wanna to be friends with he, and he wanne to be friens with me and love my girlfriend.


What sould i do? And what sould i tell him and her?

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First off, does she know he's interested in her? He's likely to take hints (or blunt statements) from her that she's "taken and not interested" more seriously than anything you say on that matter. He could look on your actions as jealousy or possessiveness and still think he has a shot unless she makes it clear herself he doesn't.


Ultimately whether or not you guys can stay friends is going to be up to him - if he can respect her wishes and your friendship enough to at least keep a rein on his attraction or not. If he's actually still talking about wanting to "score her" when she's with you, that's not having much respect for you, and if she makes or has made her position clear, you can try talking to him about it. No telling how he'll take it since lusting after your bud's guy (or girl) in an obvious manner is one of those things most people understand without it needing spelled out is definitely NOT cool, but you can always try. Ask him how he'd feel in the opposite position. If he still doesn't get it, I hate to be harsh, it might be very hard to stay friends with him if you're getting the feeling he doesn't respect the boundaries that come with friendship.

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