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well ive known this girl for bout 4 months now,when i first met her i just liked talking.....now me absolutly head over heels for her.she just got out of a 1.5 year old relationship.we do flirt,talk a lot on the fone,in class but never about personal stuff.....now one of my friends told me that that she's got another boyfriend..but she says that she's just friends with that guy...well what do i do i dont want to loose her as a friend,what are the signs that i should look for? should i start to ask more personal q's?

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I agree with Cid. I know it sounds difficult but you gotta do this man. I mean you cant just see just signs all the times. What if she is just friendly and shows the same signs to his other friend .. So the best way out here is just tell her what you truly feel for her.

If you tell her the truth , there are better chances that the things will go your way.

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