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feeling strike back!

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hi everyone,


i did post my problem a few mth ago, abt a girl tat i like which is older than mi. but this is not the issue. this girl of mine, is quite a good fren to mi. But somehow i fall in love with her, but i was kind of being rejected. It was a couple of mth tat this thing happen.

After times of Approach n waiting, i admit tat i did try to forget abt it(giving up). But recently we went out as a grp which she was also 1 of them. it been quite some time i did not met her, other than messaging each other(sometime). Out of the bule, the feeling strike back to mi when we met. I'm quite confuse now as y the feeling will now fade?


How can i go for other girl while the feeling is still there??

Does tat tell tat i have to wait for her acception?


some info abt her:

-She give mi a feeling tat i can't describe.

-we still mange 2 b fren after few rejection.

(which is abit hard to accept)

-waiting 4 her to accept for a few mth

(during this period, i did not mention anything abt

BGR issue)

-Met her recently which the feeling strike back

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What i get from your post is:


You have a crush on this girl, she sees you as a friend, but you want something more, you thought you got over her, but when you see her you still feel these emotions.


well, one month isnt enough time to get over someone, and to tell you the truth sometimes these things take a long time. you still have a crush on her, but you need to realise that its out of your control how she feels about you, and you really have to ask yourself, are you really her friend, or just being one so that you can be close to her?


You need to stay away from her some more, you need to move forward, you may think she is "the one and only" or your "soulmate" but the truth of the matter is, that there are many many women that you will feel the same way about, your situation is not new, many of us have been there.

after all, what your in love with is not what you have, but only what you "wish you had" with her, your crush is only for the "potential" not the actual reality of what you may have had together, in your mind you just "know" it would be perfect, and thats what has got you hooked. but this is all in your mind, it hasnt happened so your not losing anything!! because all those things can be done with another girl, that wants to experience them with you.

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