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More Mind Games or What?!

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Hi, I need help figuring out this girl. I went camping recently and met a real cute girl there. To my knowledge, I was not giving her any signs that I liked her at all. I could tell she kinda liked me by the way she kept constantly looking at my eyes when I wasn't looking, and when I would look back she would lock eye contact for a bit before looking away.


Anyways as the day progressed she would flirt with me more and more, ask me to sit beside her, when our camp group went hiking she would be the one to slow down or speed up to catch up with me, so that we could walk together. Also, when we would sit together she would try to touch me in small ways, such as putting her feet on mine, or moving her legs over so that they would be rubbing up against mine. Well, I took these all as obvious signs that she was into me, and I asked her for her email.


Well I added her to MSN and she has never came on at all and it has been a week since I added her. I sent her an email 5 days ago asking her how she was, that I had fun at the camp, and that it would be good if she could email me back when she could. I wasn't "forward" in the email, nor did I say anything to scare her off or anything, it was just a nice email in my opinion.


My question is this, why hasn't she answered the email or tried to get into contact with me in anyway?! She came accross as a sweet girl, not one to play such mind games for her own amusement. I do not want to send another email, as that would look desperate and...weird IMO. Am I just going crazy over nothing?

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well...anything could be possible. I wouldn't jump the gun just that quickly in coming to a conclusion however. Just give her a little time to respond, it may be possible that she doesn't have internet connection temporarily, and just havent received the email yet...


or it could be that she has a boyfriend backhome, but regardless its pretty early on, and no solid feelings have established between u two..so you wont be terribly hurt as a result...


just give it a little time, ..and im sure she will surface online soon enough...







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Indeed, maybe she never made it home? Maybe it was just a camp thing? Maybe she checks her email once a month? Maybe she is dealing with a bf or something like that back home and needs time. I wouldn't worry to much about it. I been in that situation before.


I contacted the girl but she never got back to me so I let it go. A month later she tracks me down and wants to start doing stuff. unfortunately for her, I had already moved on to other things. So if she takes her sweet time, the choice will be yours whether or not you start a relationship.

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Doubt it is anything personal, she probably just doesn't check her email that often. All I have to say is kudos to you for recognizing the signals while u were at camp! Wish everyone would notice that...


There's no harm at all in sending another email! Maybe she didn't get the first? And it wouldn't look desperate unless the email said something desperate.

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Thanks for your input guys I have a strong feeling that she is single which is supported by the fact that it says that in her profile, which was recently updated before I met her. However, what do I know? Anything is possible. I may see her again in a week or two, and I can talk to her and get another read on the situation. Thanks alot though guys, I really needed to vent, as I am growing increasingly tired of girl's mind games.

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With love and war, there are no hard, fast rules, so certainly you can send her another email at some point without looking weird. As long as you ARE in control and are not desperate, you are on okay ground to try again.


Anyway, one thing I've seen work before in a situation like this is BRUTAL HONESTY, in a soft way. It can really cut through whatever fog or cloud is hanging around her now. For example,


"Hey again! I wasn't sure if you received my first email, so I thought I'd write again. It was cool meeting you in camp. I liked getting to know you and thought we had some chemistry, and you seemed interested in getting to know me better, too. I'm a little confused why you haven't written back yet. Is anything wrong? I hope we're not playing games here, because I'm not the kind of guy who plays games. Well, I hope to hear from ya soon. Laterz."


If she has any sincerity and interest, this should generate a friendly response. Hope my suggestion helps.

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